Eating & Drinking

Well prepared for the city-adventure!

Whether being on a class trip, attending a conference or enjoying a city tour: for a satisfying stay a varied diet with delicious food and refreshing drinks is essential.
In our DJH City-Hostel your day starts with a rich and delicious breakfast buffet, which is already included in your room price. Hence invigorated, cheerful and full of energy you can now enjoy your stroll through the city to the full!

For lunch and dinner we'd like to pamper you with our light and international kitchen. Choose your food from a large selection at the buffet. Do you prefer vegetarian food or require a special diet due to health, medical or religious reasons? We certainly cater to these special requests and our kitchen service is happy to fulfil your wishes. Let us know your specific culinary desires!

With our flexible meal times you can easily tailor your meals around your plans for the day.

As soon as you make your reservation with us, you can let us know your special catering wishes - whether it's theme buffets, refreshments or a tasty midnight snack.
And in case you lose track of time because of all the sightseeing, shopping or strolling - our friendly bistro offers appetizing snacks and enjoyable drinks round the clock at reasonable prices.Eating and drinking at the DJH City-Hostel: new energy and cheerfulness for all your city-adventures!