School trips

Good times for school trips.  It’s our home.  We’ll make it yours!

Visiting a city is always a special kind of experience.  So many discoveries and major attractions in one place, and different eras and cultures  alive at every corner  -- blending into something unique and fresh, so that every moment is exciting and new.

We are excited to introduce you to the amazing destinations Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Bonn.  Each has its own fascinating face and flavor:  Cologne with its 2,000-year roller-coaster history and cathedral that is Germany’s number one tourist destination, Bonn as the site of post-war Germany politics and decision-making that shaped new worlds, North Rhine Westphalia’s commerce and creativity powerhouse Dusseldorf, and the gritty charm of the industrial culture and landscape of Duisburg and the Ruhr Region. Some of Germany’s top cultural sensations and museum experiences await you and your student groups at the Rhine River.  

Let us make our motto come true for your trip to our home turf:  We’ll make you feel right at home – and you’ll be glad you went with us.

Please find highlights of our extensive catalogue on the next pages.  You’ll find additional offers and elements online:

Our Go2City expert team will be happy to create a customized program for your student group:

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